A multicentre trial of the Spanish hospitals  Network for Translational Research  in Oncological Gynecology (REDITOG), coordinated by IDIBELL researcher and Head of Gynaecology at the HUB Dr. Jorge Ponce, has validated the use of a genetic test for the early detection of endometrial cancer. The study, which included over 500 patients, was coordinated by Dr. Ponce and Dr. Antonio Gil from the University Hospital Vall d’Hebron.

A multicentre trial coordinated by the Hub-IDIBELL will allow to market a genetic test for endometrial cancer

According to the results presented at the XVII Congress of the European Society of Gynecological Oncology (ESGOI), held from the 11th to 14th of September in Milan, this test can rule out the existence of the tumor in 97% of cases . If the test is combined with conventional cytological examination, the reliability increases to 99% with a specificity of 97% and a sensitivity of 92%.

It is a minimally invasive analysis that is performed on aspirated uterine, based on the analysis of gene expression of five biomarkers. It has been developed in collaboration with Geadic Biotec IEA , company integrated by Oryzon Genomics Group SA and Reig Jofré Group that will  market it next January.

REDITOG is a multi national network of translational molecular biology that brings together 16 Spanish oncology centers. In addition to this collaboration, the other big project is to analyze the proteomic expression and the development of biomarkers in ovarian epithelial tumors, in collaboration with the company Proteomika SL.

November 2011

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